Movement conservatives are finding out that the enemy of their enemy is not necessarily their friend. In fact, the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) seems to be finding out that they are themselves their own worst enemy.

After just having invited Milo Yiannopoulos to speak at its annual conference, it was revealed that right-wing gay provacateur had publicly defended sex between adolescents and older men.

Within twenty-four hours of CPAC inviting him, he was dis-invited. Now the only pearls you’ll see worn at CPAC will be worn by women.

Now it isn’t exactly unusual for gays to defend pedophilia. For years, pedophile groups marched in gay pride parades—until they decided to seek mainstream approval for their movement, at which point they finally kicked them out. And to this day gay rights groups still appeal to the fact that homosexuality was practiced among the ancient Greek upper classes, despite the fact that Greek homosexuality almost exclusively involved older men and adolescent boys.

All this is ignored, of course, by the liberal ideologues who are pushing the gender revolution. But they at least have the excuse that one of the chief goals of liberalism is the breaking down of all sexual restraints. If you’re all about the approval of sex all the time, anywhere, with anybody, why should age be a problem?

But what excuse does a group that purports to champion conservatism have?

Yes, if Milo had been a political liberal, his advocacy of pederasty would have been politely ignored. Everything would then go on, as it always does, as if nothing had ever happened. 

But people calling themselves conservatives will be cut no such slack. And they shouldn’t be.

And it isn’t like the people at CPAC shouldn’t have seen this coming. Milo has become a darling among conservative media gatekeepers despite repeatedly bragging about his prodigious libido and the enthusiasm with which he exercises it with other men. His bedroom is, if the accounts he has given of it are even partly true, a busy place.

Like the liberals from whom they claim to be so different, conservatives just looked the other way, so pleased were they that they had found someone who could articulate the case against the Tolerance Police so much better than they could (which, unfortunately, isn’t saying a whole lot).

But if the people running conservative organizations were operating in an even vaguely principled way, they would take better care that the people they politically got into bed with had beds that weren’t quite so crowded.