On January 31, 2017, President Trump nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to take Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court.

Despite the pageantry of the announcement, it was difficult not to let one’s eyes stray to Judge Gorsuch and his wife Louise. The two of them looked like a nice, middle-age, average American couple, suddenly thrust into the limelight of the political circus.

Gorsuch’s judicial record will undoubtedly be scrutinized for every whiff of partisan politics. But since I’m sick of politics, I decided to check out the more personal side of the man who could possibly be the next SCOTUS justice. Here are five interesting things I found:

1. He Attended an All-Boys High School
Gorsuch graduated from Georgetown Preparatory Academy, a school specifically delineated for young men. Such a scenario may have contributed to Gorsuch’s stellar education record, for research has shown that single-sex education encourages better behavior and more challenging academics.

2. He’s Likely Familiar with Latin
At Georgetown Prep, one of the current minimum requirements for graduation is two years of Latin study. Assuming this requirement was in place when Gorsuch graduated from the school in 1985, Gorsuch’s Latin instruction likely gave him solid grounding in critical thinking, argument formation, and a better understanding of Western Civilization and culture through the centuries.

3. He has a Sense of Humor
Despite his academic standing, Gorsuch isn’t a boring old fogey. He knows how to have fun, as evidenced by The Federalist, the still-operating satirical newspaper he started while a student at Columbia University.

4. He has Close Ties with the EPA…
…at least if you count the fact that his mother headed the department while he was a teenager. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t end well. But never mind, the EPA is a bit political right now, and we’re ignoring politics at this point.

5. He’s an Outdoors Guy
Gorsuch appears to be a big fan of the environment and the natural world. His love for the outdoors shines through his fly fishing forays and his quiet lifestyle on a family hobby farm.

Image Credit: Global News bit.ly/2jWjJ2o