Here are five signs you’re dealing with a narcissist and might want to rethink the relationship:

1. They think they know everything and aren’t afraid to tell you


If you notice this person always offering up pieces of condescending advice, they’re probably highly narcissistic.

2. They’re never the rule, always the exception


Why should they have to follow the rules like everyone else?

3. They come off as great people at first, but slowly start to wear on you…



4. They boost themselves up by bringing others down

When a narcissist feels threatened by someone who is “outperforming” them in one way or another, they tend towards insults and degradation to make sure that person is knocked down a peg or two.

You could be recognized as one of the smartest people in the world and the narcissist would do his or her best to somehow bring you down to their low-stooping level.

5. They have zero empathy


Of course, they’re fully capable of pretending to be caring and compassionate, but they genuinely do not care about anyone more than themselves.