Most people in America think others should be treated equally regardless of their race. Unfortunately, the various interpretations of what is meant by “treating people equally” has led to a lot of actions that could be interpreted as pandering that borders on disrespect.

One of these may very well be the dedication of February in America as “Black History Month”. The historical achievements involving black men and women should undoubtedly be included in American students’ history curriculum. However, some within the black community have questioned the wisdom of dedicating an entire month to “black history,” and have insisted that black history is simply “American history.”

Actor Morgan Freeman is one of those people. In 2005, here’s what he had to say about having a Black History Month in schools. His comments are relevant not only to the issue of Black History Month, but to a media culture that pays lip service to racial equality while at the same constantly inciting the public in the name of race: