Jay Leno’s Jaywalking segments are notorious for providing multiple facepalm moments. Leno’s classic 4th of July segment is no disappointment in that respect, for it shows multiple interviewees stymied by simple American civics questions.

Jay Walking: citizens show no knowledge of… by TalkerOne

The fact that the grandfather of the last family in Leno’s interview is able to answer these questions with ease causes one to wonder: are American schools no longer teaching basic civics?

American schools of the past certainly did, as evidenced by the review questions presented for the use of high schools and common schools in The New Normal Question Book from 1899. The questions in the quiz below are some of the simple ones listed in the book and are similar to those asked by Jay Leno in the clip above.

Are you able to do any better than Leno’s clueless victims?

Image Credit: William Creswell bit.ly/1ryPA8o