The dream that every science-fiction nerd has had since watching The Matrix is one step closer to becoming a reality.

Remember that pivotal scene when Neo gets a healthy dose of martial arts knowledge uploaded to his brain by his new buddy, Tank, and then proceeds to fight Morpheus in an epic duel, showcasing his new talents?  

Yeah, scientists are working on doing something similar to that.  And they claim that it could be as easy as falling asleep each night.

HRL Laboratories, the organization behind this research, says that their team has found a way to boost the learning process (albeit on a much smaller scale than The Matrix). Their studies revolved around monitoring the electric signals of a trained pilot’s brain, and then feeding this brain data into the brains of novice pilots as they worked through a flight simulator.?

Their study discovered that subjects who received the trained pilot’s brain data via the electrode-embedded head cap learned their task 33 percent better than the placebo group.  Dr. Matthew Phillips says that while “it sounds kind of sci-fi, there’s [a] large scientific basis for the development of our system.”

Matthews says that the implications for this type of software and technology are vast, with him suggesting that it could potentially be used for people learning to drive, preparing for exams, and learning new languages.

Watch the video below to learn more about this fascinating technology:

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