Is there anything more complex and multifaceted than human attraction?  My best friend and myself have discussed in the past how different we are when it comes to the women that we find attractive.  While we can usually agree on people who are conventionally beautiful, our personal tastes seem to be on entirely opposite ends of the spectrum.

When it comes to finding a partner, however, there is usually one trait that sticks out for both of us, and that’s intelligence.  A beautiful mind never goes underrated.  And if you’re a sapiosexualthen you’re probably like us–you value a person’s mind over their body.

Here are five signs that you’re a sapiosexual:

1) Bookstores, not bars

If you fill your days with museums, parks, and observatories in lieu of the traditional bar setting, you’re probably a sapiosexual.  You’re more concerned with special people in your life, and getting to spend time with them.

2) Witty conversation

Sapiosexuals love to test their wit by engaging their friends in bouts of sarcasm and comedy.  If you prefer an intelligent back-and-forth with your friends over mundane discussion, you’re probably sapiosexual.

3) Silence, not small talk

Sapiosexuals find great joy in being able to sit comfortably with others while enjoying silence.  Trying to awkwardly fill every moment of silence makes them cringe.  

4) Tastes versus trends

Sapiosexuals aren’t largely concerned with the latest fad or trend, but they do like people who have great taste in life.  If you’ve ever walked away from a relationship because of their poor tastes, you’re probably a sapiosexual.

5) They value correct grammar over a duckface

When you can successfully navigate the different meanings and usages of words like ‘their,’ ‘they’re,’ and ‘there,’ the sapiosexual finds it super sexy.  They don’t have time for conventional errors or the people who make them.

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