We’ve long suspected that American students are being given the short end of the stick on subjects such as reading and history, while gaining heavy instruction about diversity in race, class, and gender.

But if the video below is any indication, it would seem that Americans aren’t learning much history about diversity either.

The video, produced by Jimmy Kimmel, portrays a number of man-on-the-street interviews which took place on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The interviewer asks for reactions to the news that Martin Luther King, Jr. endorsed Donald Trump, and, well… you can judge the responses for yourself:

While Jimmy Kimmel videos are admittedly designed to achieve the best comedic value, one can’t help but have an internal sinking feeling while laughing externally. Has our citizenry really fallen to such a level of ignorance that we can’t recognize a bold-faced lie about a well-known – and heavily discussed – individual like MLK? And if people demonstrate their ignorance in a situation like this, how can we expect them to make wise and informed political decisions at the ballot box?