For those in favor of keeping the 2nd Amendment, a new poll from ABC News/Washington Post has determined that you are in the majority and the trend line is on your side. 

What’s incredible is the change in public opinion since 1994. Love them or hate them, one has to admit that the pro-gun crowd has done a masterful job of changing public opinion over the last few decades.

Here’s how Langer Research describes who changed the most on the issue:

“The increase in opposition to banning assault weapons since 2013 peaks in some groups – up 18 points among strong conservatives, 17 points among higher-income earners and 16 points in the generally more liberal Northeast. But it’s a broadly based trend. Many groups have moved from majority support for an assault weapons ban two years ago to majority opposition now: whites, 30- to 64-year-olds, suburbanites, political independents, moderates, residents of the West and Midwest, anyone without a post-graduate degree and those in $100,000-plus households.”

As for why opposition to an “assault weapon” ban is at an all-time high, it seems that the desire to protect oneself against terrorism is playing a role:

Should we be surprised that Americans will seek to protect themselves when they feel their government is unable to protect them?