Have you ever wondered what the government knows about your child? According to an article in today’s Washington Post they may know a lot more than you realize… and that knowledge may negatively affect your child’s future.

“Most student data is gathered at school via multiple routes; either through children’s online usage or information provided by parents, teachers or other school staff. A student’s education record generally includes demographic information, including race, ethnicity, and income level; discipline records, grades and test scores, disabilities and Individual Education Plans (IEPs), mental health and medical history, counseling records and much more.”

Data collection has increased in recent years, particularly due to changes in regulatory law and offers of federal grant money to states which join the government’s “student longitudinal data system.”  

How can this data be negatively utilized? The authors suggest that these records can be used to: 

  • Prevent a student from getting into certain classes, colleges, or degree programs. 
  • Prejudice a teacher against a child’s academic abilities or behavior.
  • Provide information to future employers which may decrease a student’s employability.

Adding this data collection news to the already poor academic track record of the public schools, is it really any surprise that growing numbers of parents are deciding to homeschool?

Image Credit: Better Living Through Beowulf