Overpopulation? Yeah, right…

Granted, rural migration since the advent of the Industrial Revolution has caused many cities around the world to become overcrowded. But don’t let that fool you. Many countries are graying at rapid speed, and will soon not have enough employed men and women to support their non-working citizens (someone has to pay for welfare).

Denmark is one of those countries.   

As the Washington Post reports, “Denmark has a problem: At some (still quite distant) point in the future, its population will disappear because people aren’t having enough babies.”

Faced with this crisis, Denmark has become desperate… embarrassingly desperate: A Danish travel company has launched a campaign to encourage citizens to have sex with the end goal of more babies. (As the company says, “People have more sex on a sunny vacation.”)

Creepily, the campaign is called “Do it for Denmark. Do it for Mom.”

Here’s one of the commercials. It’s both hilarious and sad at the same time:



As a MentalFloss article last year showed, other countries with demographic challenges have resorted to similar “have sex” campaigns. I suspect, though, that they’re about as effective as abstinence campaigns that try to get teenagers not to have sex.

According to the map below and its corresponding article, Denmark along with the rest of Europe is dying. Its citizens are simply not having enough babies to replace themselves.



If tacky commercials are Europe’s best plan to stop the decline, it’s doomed. But hey, at least its people will go out laughing.