Stories of refugees and immigration fill the news. After the awful image of a drowned child washed up on a Turkish beach was promoted around the world, one gets the feeling that any opposition to refugees and migrants is unacceptable.

I have a child that age and I see her when I look at that lifeless, little body. But I also know that many, many other children suffered cruelly and died on that same day for a variety of reasons, human-caused or not. We want to save the world, to slay every dragon, but can we? Furthermore, is simply opening wide the doors to immigration the answer?

It’s an honest question when one contrasts the image above with the images of rioting refugees. Consider some of these images below which come from a variety of European countries. 


(Sources: Reuters)

And here is a video from the Hungarian border, in which young men are shouting “Allahu akbar”: ?


And another one in which children are clearly being exploited for media attention: 



Here’s a video of the rioting on the island of Lesbos: 


Here’s another video, highlighting the Greek perspective: 




(Source: Telegraph)

(Source: Times of Malta)

Here’s a video from 2013:


Here’s one from 2015: 




France and Great Britain


And a video of a few cops trying to hold back possibly hundreds of migrants at Calais, France:

You can spend hours upon hours watching footage, such as the above, from around Europe. What becomes apparent is that rather than images of masses of women and children and traditional war refugees, you are more likely than not to confront large crowds of young, healthy men. Those men do not at all seem humble or grateful about the opportunity to join another culture and country. Instead the attitude seems to be one of entitlement, demanding entrance. 

Let’s be honest, why would any nation want to welcome crowds of young, entitled men who are more than willing to smash away at things before they’re even citizens? Is that really who you would want for a neighbor?

In this era of multiculturalism, in which we’ve been told all cultures are equal, the truth is that not all cultures are equal. It is perfectly reasonable to like yours more than all the others. Should you and your nation have the right to preserve your culture against a mass migration that would fundamentally change it?

Or have we forgotten the fatal flaw of democracy? Democracy (and republics) work well when the populations are fairly homogenous. When things change, it comes down to the majority population and its cultural beliefs. And that often comes down to demographics, which is why mass migration is a serious issue and something that we should honestly discuss.