The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice just released its annual survey detailing America’s opinions and attitudes on education. Among other things, the survey asked questions about curriculum, tests, and various forms of school choice.

As it turns out, many American children are not in the type of school that their parents believe would bring the best education. Currently, 84% of American parents have their child enrolled in a regular public school. But nearly 50% of that group would withdraw from public school and choose a private, charter, or homeschooling if they had the chance.

So how do we give parents the chance to give their children a better education than they are currently receiving?

Judging from further information in the Friedman survey, we should put funding for children’s education into the hands of their parents. School choice options such as tax credits, vouchers, and education savings accounts do this and are popular with a majority of the population.

Do you agree with the majority of Americans that school funding should follow the child so that parents are able to send him or her to the school of their choice? Which of these school choice options would you most likely support?

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