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  • New Analysis Reveals 1 in 3 Women Suffer Post-Abortion Depression

    New Analysis Reveals 1 in 3 Women Suffer Post-Abortion Depression3

    Women who go through with an abortion suffer no lasting mental health problems—according to conventional wisdom, at least. However, conventional wisdom is on notice following the publication of a bombshell meta-analysis that found 34.5 percent of women experience post-abortion depression globally. Released in October in the UK-based scientific journal BMC Psychiatry, the meta-analysis reviewed data

  • Had You Known, Would You Have Taken the Jab?

    Had You Known, Would You Have Taken the Jab?2

    Would 92% of American adults have gotten a Covid shot had they known the “vaccines” only offered a 0.85% reduction in risk? Would young men have taken the jab if they had known it did not prevent transmission? Americans came to understand that the media campaigns supporting the shots were fraudulent. The touted benefits – preventing

  • Friday Comic: Father-Son Bonding0

    Credit: OwenComics (store) Twitter: @owenbroadcast Instagram: @owenbroadcast

  • Climate Hypocrites Everywhere

    Climate Hypocrites Everywhere6

    “What I see all over the place is people who care about looking good while doing evil.” So said Elon Musk last week, in a colorful interview that almost broke the internet. Replying to questions from New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin about an advertiser boycott of pro-free speech platform X, the tech tycoon

  • Why Is There A Dyslexia Epidemic?

    Why Is There A Dyslexia Epidemic?1

    The earliest documented cases of dyslexia, or a language processing disorder that makes it difficult to read, date back more than a century. For decades, it was considered a relatively rare occurrence, but today it is estimated that up to 20 percent of the US population is dyslexic. What is going on? Advances in childhood diagnosis and

  • How You Can Help ‘Intellectual Takeout’ Restore the Culture

    How You Can Help ‘Intellectual Takeout’ Restore the Culture3

    When my third grandchild was recently born, I was wonderfully reminded why I am involved with Intellectual Takeout as the leader of its parent organization, the Charlemagne Institute: Both these things point to the things that really matter in life. Our articles are signposts toward truth. When reading an article on education, a reader might


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