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Cancelling CO2: A Chilling Epiphany

Cancelling CO2: A Chilling Epiphany

In a 1962 episode of Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone, an alien race lands on Earth, promising to solve the problems of hunger, energy shortages, and war. In return, these aliens ask only to be trusted.

A book an alien leaves behind is analyzed by decoders, who translate the title as “To Serve Man.” An alien ambassador then passes a lie detector test, consequently resolving the hunger and energy crisis. Nations lay down their arms, placing their trust in the aliens. The aliens then invite humans to visit their home planet, and the first group sends back reports of paradise-like conditions. Millions sign up to visit, but as the leader of the decoding group is entering the spaceship, an assistant rushes up and yells, “It’s a cookbook!”

In our real-life drama today, the United Nations, wealthy globalists, the World Economic Forum (WEF), Big Tech oligarchs, and unctuous politicians tell us that man-caused CO2 emissions are effecting widespread “climate change.” They ask us to trust that their prescriptions to eliminate fossil fuels, gasoline-powered transportation, agriculture, and cattle farming will “save the planet.”

Intensive research, though, shows that true science offers no support for these claims about human CO2 emissions. Yet almost every human institution on Earth has trusted the globalists’ promises, and CO2—perhaps the second most important element to human life, behind oxygen—is now mercilessly vilified. According to climate change advocates, CO2 is a toxic pollutant that must be drastically reduced, even though life flourished in the past when CO2 levels were much higher.

Overall, climate change activists’ arguments are difficult to support. Commercial greenhouses pipe in elevated levels of CO2 to increase plant growth. On a global scale, the same phenomenon is happening: The increase of global CO2 over the past decades has resulted in a greening of the Earth. How could this life-sustaining element be an instrument of death (as the globalists claim)?

Research reveals that the real motivation of groups like the U.N. and the WEF is power to achieve their true goal, expressed by the 1972 book The Limits to Growth. This goal is to decrease the world’s population to around one billion people.

Their 1991 follow-up book, The First Global Revolution, brazenly revealed that they had (at the least) overemphasized the problem of global warming as a means to get support for that global government. The U.N.’s proposed world improvement plan, Agenda 2030, is the blueprint to achieve that goal.

Still, why highlight CO2 as the main issue? After all, CO2 increases photosynthesis and crop yields, and it’s less than 1  percent of the Earth’s atmosphere (excluding water vapor). We know that increasing CO2 levels from the 1750 level of 280 ppm to 800 ppm (double the current level) would increase crop production by a minimum of about 70 to 80 percent. That’s a good thing, right? So why would globalists want to drastically reduce CO2?

And that’s when I had my “It’s a cookbook!” moment. CO2 increases food growth, which keeps people from starving. But that, in fact, is the opposite of what globalists want. Based on their declared objectives, they want to decrease the Earth’s population by over seven billion people, and—other than war and manufactured pandemics—starvation is the most reliable method. Consequently, they’ve used pseudo-science and the unquestioning media to redefine CO2 as an environmental poison. They’ve “cancelled” CO2 not to save the planet but because it threatens their de-population plans.

Their most recent scare-mongering has been about impending food shortages, but they’ve been actively working toward that for decades. Bill Gates and other billionaires have been buying up U.S. farmland; the climate czars are restricting fertilizers that help feed the world’s population; others are eliminating cattle, thus removing a major source of protein from the human diet.

As implementation of Agenda 2030 continues, we should expect to hear more and more about food shortages. But that’s the planned, deliberate “crisis” that Agenda 2030 will bring about, pushing hungry people to accept global control. “Cancelling” CO2 is part of that agenda.

While the U.N.’s Agenda 2030 is not a fictional “cookbook,” its call for Net Zero, decarbonization, and eliminating CO2 is a recipe … for global dictatorship and the mass starvation of humans. Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

Image credit: Pexels

Paul E. Scates

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  • Avatar
    January 19, 2024, 10:57 am

    The motto of the bulk of politicians world wide should be:


  • Avatar
    January 19, 2024, 11:06 am

    You have to hand it to the demons who succeeded in convincing so many people that the planet is in crisis and the only way to save it is to get rid of humans.

  • Avatar
    January 19, 2024, 3:41 pm

    Trump needs to get together with Eastern European leaders and crap all over this movement.
    If enough credible leaders, and experts call BS on this whole scam – we can knock it out.

  • Avatar
    Daniel R Burk
    January 19, 2024, 3:58 pm

    How were you able to jump to that conclusion, that a deliberate reduction in carbon release is somehow a recipe for mass starvation of humans? There is not a linear relationship between carbon increase and plant growth. There is, however, evidence to support carbon increase and water scarcity across semi-arid environments, which are growing in size, by the way. Water availability is a much greater factor in food production than CO2 in the atmosphere. So is arable land. And the goal is NOT to eliminate carbon in the atmosphere and ocean, but to point out that we've released the equivalent of 60 million years of carbon sequestration into the environment in just under 150 years. The only historical paradigm you can point to with that much atmospheric change that quickly, are things like the deccan traps, which emplaced CO2 and sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere over about 30,000 years. So there are historical precedents that can be studied. As for the great conspiracy theory, that you present, I am of the mind that nobody these days has enough motivation to pull off a good, effective international conspiracy. Except maybe real estate developers. Besides, if the goal is to reduce population, that's being done already through the use of smartphones, pornography, videogames, and the absolute destruction of the traditional family: Tech availability and electronic toy addiction has already started the population decline via reduced fertility in developed nations. It's likely the human population will peak within our lifetimes, no conspiracy necessary.

    • Avatar
      Paul Scates@Daniel R Burk
      January 20, 2024, 4:57 am

      Daniel –
      No jumping required; just believe they mean what they say. David Rockefeller, longtime head of Chase Manhattan Bank and avowed global government proponent, funded the creation of the Club of Rome. The Club’s co-founders

    • Avatar
      Paul Scates@Daniel R Burk
      January 20, 2024, 5:14 am

      The Club of Rome’s co-founders, Aurelio Peccei and Alexander King, openly declared their goal of reducing world population to one billion (Limits to Growth, First Global Revolution). Read Limits co-author Dennis Meadows more recent comments on the subject.
      Furthermore, Rockefeller was mentor to Maurice Strong, who headed the UN’s Environmental Program for over 30 years (IPCC, et al), who openly stated his shared de-population goals (he was on the board of the Club of Rome). Rockefeller, through Strong and Henry Kissinger, also influenced Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum. These people made no effort to hide their depopulation plans, but the media doesn’t report on that.
      CO2 increase actually helps plants retain water, requiring less of it for growth.

    • Avatar
      Igby@Daniel R Burk
      January 21, 2024, 10:55 pm

      CO2 is the gas of life, and we are carbon-based life forms, and pointing out its levels which have repeatedly at higher and lower levels throughout history is tilting at rainbows. This world has real problems to contend with, starting with the fools creating and pushing the climate change agenda, and in an extremely focused and manipulative way for over 50 years.

  • Avatar
    Douglas Deckner
    January 19, 2024, 4:21 pm

    Thank you for the truth. It been worried about government and others wanting to do away with CO2 for years. Even had Facebook remove article that go against the elites that want just that. Thank you again.


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