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Federal Report on the Death of Jeffrey Epstein Is Rife With Evidence of Foul Play

Federal Report on the Death of Jeffrey Epstein Is Rife With Evidence of Foul Play

More than 20 years after a woman named Maria Farmer first reported Jeffrey Epstein and his associates to the FBI in 1996 for molesting children, the federal government finally arrested Epstein in 2019 for “sex trafficking of minors.” Only five weeks later, this uber-wealthy financier with hordes of friends in high places was dead.

In the weeks leading up to Epstein’s death, an array of people predicted that unless Epstein was heavily guarded in prison, he would likely be killed to keep him silent. Several first-hand witnesses had implicated powerful people in Epstein’s child sex crimes, and journalists had reported that Epstein “belonged to intelligence” and was likely engaged in sexual blackmail, a tactic of intelligence agencies like the FBI and CIA.

Despite those suspicious circumstances, dozens of media outlets are reporting there’s no evidence of foul play in Epstein’s death based on a recent report by the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Justice—Obama appointee Michael Horowitz. ABC News, for example, claims the report proves “Epstein died by suicide” and “foul play was not possible.”

In reality, the Horowitz Report presents more than a dozen facts consistent with the conclusion that Epstein died of a coerced and abetted suicide. Combined with corroborating primary sources like court filings, it is clear that federal officials repeatedly endangered Epstein’s life and systematically mishandled evidence that could incriminate others in his death and sex crimes.

The facts—documented below with photos and more than 100 quotes primarily from the Horowitz Report and other government and legal documents—show that the following events took place:

  • Federal prison officials placed Epstein in a cell with a murderous, hulking ex-cop, a death trap for any child molester.
  • Less than two weeks later, prison guards found Epstein in the middle of the night in a semiconscious state with a rope and “friction marks” around his neck.
  • Despite a court order requiring the prison to preserve video surveillance footage near Epstein’s cell during the strangulation, federal prison officials failed to do so and also lost the backup due to “technical errors.”
  • Federal prison officials took Epstein off “suicide watch” just one day after the strangulation without determining whether Epstein was attacked by his cellmate or tried to commit suicide.
  • One day before Epstein’s death, federal prison officials removed his new cellmate and didn’t replace him. They did this even though a prison psychologist sent an email to over 70 prison staffers stating that Epstein “needs” a cellmate—a common suicide prevention measure.
  • One day before Epstein’s death, a federal court unsealed more than 2,000 pages of lawsuit records that named and implicated wealthy and powerful people in Epstein’s sex crimes, as well as federal officials in covering up the crimes.
  • One day before Epstein’s death, federal prison officials permitted Epstein to make a completely unmonitored phone call in direct violation of prison policy and under patently false pretenses
  • Federal officers placed a hoard of linens in Epstein’s cell, which is commonly prohibited because they can be used to create nooses.
  • Federal officers left Epstein alone in his cell for nearly eight hours on the night he died—despite the fact that they were required to check on all inmates in his unit “at least twice per hour” and were only 15 feet from Epstein’s cell.
  • Federal officers falsified records to show that they had checked on Epstein, a violation of federal law punishable by up to five years in prison.
  • Federal prosecutors “dismissed all charges pending against” the two officers who falsified the records and “declined” to prosecute others who “falsely certified inmate countslips and round sheets on the day before and the day of Epstein’s death.”
  • Federal prison officials failed to record footage from 9 of the 11 surveillance cameras around Epstein’s cell on the night of his death, including one that showed Epstein’s cell tier and cell door.
  • The FBI agents who searched Epstein’s New York mansion found and then abandoned a sexually explicit trove of photos and CDs labeled with the names of “young” females alongside people other than Epstein. This allowed one of Epstein’s most notorious accomplices to take the evidence and potentially scrub it before giving it to the feds.
  • To this day, the federal government hasn’t revealed the names of the people that were written beside the “young” females on Epstein’s CDs.

While describing Jeffery Epstein as “arguably” one of the “most notorious” federal inmates, the Horowitz Report states that the U.S. Bureau of Prisons “provided” him “with the opportunity to take his own life.”

Nevertheless, the Horowitz team fails to even consider—much less rule out—that Epstein was coerced to commit suicide and that federal officials deliberately allowed it to happen.

The Horowitz team also buries key facts deep within their report and separates related facts from one another, making it difficult to connect the dots. Thus, a read of the executive summary isn’t nearly enough to understand what lurks within the report.

All of this accords with the contention that influential people were complicit in the death and child sex crimes of Epstein and have not been held accountable.

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This article is republished courtesy of JustFacts.

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  • Avatar
    Donald Link
    August 16, 2023, 9:16 am

    Probably now an object lesson for his girlfriend who now resides in prison with the somewhat unreasonable hope that she will live to be released upon completion of her sentence.

  • Avatar
    Jason Lee Seiler
    August 21, 2023, 9:49 am

    Is foul play a concern? The fact that the pedo was murdered in jail does the world a favor. Having said that, the only possible motive is that the many people who visited his island, from Stephen Hawking to Bill Clinton needed their reputations guarded.


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