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You’re Not Worth Dying For

You’re Not Worth Dying For

We’ve all seen the evolving wokeness of the U.S. military. That wokeness is now growing so entrenched that American Thinker’s Andrea Widberg asks the question that many of us are wondering: “Is Biden deliberately destroying America’s military defenses?

Turning the attention of readers to a new program offered by the U.S. Air Force Academy for “gender minorities,” Widberg shares the Academy’s announcement for the Brooke Owens Fellowship:

If you are a cisgender woman, a transgender woman, non-binary, agender, bigender, two-spirit, demi gender, genderfluid, genderqueer, or another form of gender minority, this program is for you. If you are a cisgender man, this program isn’t for you…but we encourage you to check out our spin-off programs, the Patti Grace Smith Fellowship and the Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship Program!

Two items from Widberg’s article snagged my attention. The first has to do with that necklace of gender lingo, which brought a chuckle. You could catch me at the brightest moment of my day—around sunrise after I’ve downed a couple of mugs of coffee—put a gun to my head, demand I define those neologisms, and with one or two exceptions, all you’d get in reply would be a dumbfounded shrug. I don’t know the meaning of that gobbledygook, and for the sake of my mental health I don’t want to know.

The second attention-grabber was a thread, embedded in Widberg’s article, in which a Twitter user, “Iraqveteran8888,” explains why no one wants to join the military these days. He lists some excellent reasons, but the first sentence in his fifth point struck home: “You’re not worth dying for.”

To provide some context for that assertion, here’s the entire paragraph:

You’re not worth dying for. Think about it. Society has spent the last 4-6 years telling us how bad America is, how bad military and law enforcement members are, and how unfair life is in our Country. We’ve been told our masculinity is toxic and that we are racists.

If by society “Iraqveteran8888” means our government, its mouthpiece the corporate media, many of our institutions of indoctrination from kindergarten to medical schools, and the woke gangs that roam social media, then I’m on board with him. Whether deliberately or through almost unimaginable stupidity, the smug preening “elites” who have brought America to her knees deserve neither our loyalty nor our sacrifices. They and their policies are especially not worth the death of a single soldier.

So that you don’t think I’m some old guy off on a rant, let me explain my anger.

Right now, I have 10 grandsons. The oldest is a high school senior, a bright, boisterous, and personable young man who excels in the classroom and on the rugby field. He’s unsure of his plans after graduation, but enlistment in the military is an option on the table.

I intend to sit that kid down and ask some questions, including:

“Why do you want to enlist?” If he replies that the military will give him a chance to sort out his options for life and pay for his education, I’ll understand. It’s not the noblest of motives—I’ve known several young people who have joined the Army or the Navy for the same reasons—but I get it.

If, however, he answers “I want to serve my country,” I would throw out question number two: “What country is that?”

Is it the land of the free, the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, the country that encourages individual initiative, morality, and responsibility? Or is it that place—it doesn’t deserve the name of country—where woke ideology is now the official policy of government, where a two-tier system of laws caters to the wealthy and the progressive, where power and money count more than virtue and truth?

I’ll have him read the above Air Force memo, or some of the other woke propaganda being distributed in service academies and on bases around the country, ideologies imposed from the top down. I’ll then ask him if he really wants to serve in an organization that at present derides and denigrates straight white males, especially those of a conservative bent. Why would he want to belong to a group that despises him?

Those who have charge of America right now are unworthy of my grandson or a few million other young people like him.

As “Iraquiveteran8888” declares, “You’re not worth dying for.”

I’d put it more strongly: “You’re not worth spit.”

Image Credit: Flickr-@USArmy, CC BY 2.0

Jeff Minick
Jeff Minick

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  • Avatar
    Bill Dettmet
    October 11, 2022, 11:38 pm

    How did you manage to score a bulleye with a blindfold on? ?

    I’m an Air Force veteran of 23 years. When I told my boss in 1988 that I was retiring, I said, " As the tomcat said when he finished making love to the skunk, ‘I’ve had about all the enjoyment I can stand.’ "

    When I received my commission in 1966, the Air Force was a great and honorable place from which to protect the home of the free and land of the brave. The 1988 Air Force was already heading in a bad direction. And it’s gotten SO much worse since then that I can no longer recommend it for a career.

    All the worse that those clueless feather merchants in DC sucking off the public weal are so willing to so quickly send our servicemen and women off to die for, usually, nothing of any great national interest. (But at least they’ll do it in camaraderie with cross-dressers, pronoun torturers, and transgenderists.)

  • Avatar
    Kalikiano Kalei
    October 11, 2022, 11:44 pm

    Although my active duty days are now long behind me, a few years ago I remained engaged with colleagues in the Air Force Association. When our local chapter announced that it was going to have the Beale AFB CO arrange a special tour of that important base (U-2 and SR-71 aircraft) for AFA members only, a week prior to the annual Beale Air Show and open-day, I eagerly signed up.

    I and my AFA cohorts very much looked forward to that and were met by a young black female USAF O-1 (2nd Lt.), attached to the 9th Recon Wing there when we arrived. The tour was quite fascinating, given the fact that we, as former USAFers, were given special access to operational facilities not normally open to the public. Our ‘tour guide’, Lt. X, was quite good and clearly took her assignment seriously. Consequently, we all very much enjoyed our visit and several days later I communicated my pleasure and satisfaction to the 9th Recon CO, commending Lt. X for her skill and support of our chapter’s visit.

    Thinking I had done a good thing (something that not many others would have been thoughtful enough to do), I patted myself on the back and gave myself an ‘attaboy’ for the well-intended act.

    Imagine, then, my shock and dismay when I shortly received a curt, outright arrogant reply from that CO dismissing my praise of Lt. X as a racially-motivated, needlessly condescending and gratuitous gesture! I was literally bowled over by this response, but I took no further action…other to remind myself to stay as far away as possible from the subject of service matters involving a so-called ‘minority’ (in this case, black and female). To make matters worse, I additionally received a somewhat frosty response from the Lieutenant essentially saying "Thanks but no thanks!"

    The foregoing took place in the late 1980s but things have since gotten absolutely WONKY, in the Air Force now that wokeism is being formally pushed by the Joint Chiefs onto ALL the services. I can well understand, therefore, the attitude of the former service man you referenced in your article. This is absolutely NOT the proud, formidably prepared US Armed Forces establishment I served my time in and I share that individuals extreme reservations about committing any children of my own (or others) to the ostensible ‘defense’ of a country as plainly confused as ours seems to be at present.

    Just today, a news report (not appearing in the liberal media, of course) surfaced concerning a British couple who had not long ago moved to the US from the UK. They were so dissatisfied by the racial/gender turmoil and violence this country now suffers from that this week they decided to return to the UK. As they put it (or in words to this effect), "There is no longer any ‘united’ in the United States, anymore." [I would say ‘hear! hear!’, and perhaps even propose a name change to ‘The Disunited States of America’, in fact…]

  • Avatar
    October 11, 2022, 11:54 pm

    Well said as usual. Thanks for putting it out there. You are correct Sir.

  • Avatar
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    October 12, 2022, 12:39 pm

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  • Avatar
    Hochul has Hutzpah – CPNYS
    October 13, 2022, 8:49 pm

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