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Freedom Will Win the War Against Fascism

Freedom Will Win the War Against Fascism

Many of us have followed the news about the crackdowns on Canadian truckers protesting COVID mandates and other attacks on liberty in that country. In addition to arresting many of these freedom fighters, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government froze their bank accounts, confiscated their vehicles, and are threatening to sell them.             

The bitter and unbalanced assaults on the truckers by the Canadian government and its “intelligentsia” are slammed by writer Elizabeth Nickson in her Substack article, “The Reason for the Police Violence is not What You Think.” She describes the contempt these elites have toward those they regard as their underlings. She looks at the self-serving machinations of the ruling class and to what ends they will go in order to protect their gravy train: “The brutality in Ottawa is not a warning. It is a promise, a statement of the future. The working class will end their lives in moldering houses they can’t afford to fix, with minimal health care.”           

Writer CJ Hopkins, of Consent Factory, Inc., backs up Nickson’s take on this bullying by the Canadian government establishment, also noting the ongoing and growing protests against heavy-handed government in countries like Germany and France. He ends with three important conclusions: First, that “Apocalyptic Pandemic Theater is over,” for it has now become a “purely political fight.” Second, that “Ottawa is not the end. It is just the beginning.” By this observation, he means to encourage people to “step up the pressure” on those exercising fascist control. And finally, says Hopkins, “There are only two sides…fascism or freedom.”

Like the Canadians and Western Europeans, Americans are also suffering from the brutalities of our federal government. We have our own COVID mandates to protest, our own fascism to oppose. Add to that, raging inflation, our collapsed southern border, the humiliating end to the Afghanistan fiasco, our ridiculous and insane focus on issues like critical race theory and gender identity: the list goes on and on. Our policy makers are either incompetent or deliberately attempting to sabotage our republic.

But there’s a light—a bright, shining light—at the end of this dark tunnel. Americans are waking up.

Poll after poll shows that a large majority of Americans oppose defunding the police, open borders, cancel culture, and critical race theory, Alexander Zubatov writes on American Greatness. He mentions a July 2021 Rasmussen poll in which 58 percent “of likely voters agreed that ‘the media is truly the enemy of the people.’” A majority also believe that our universities are heading in the wrong direction and that Big Tech companies need regulation.

Come the elections in November, we’ll see how these figures play out in the voting booth.

And even now we’re seeing plenty of other evidence that people are fed up with centralized government and directives from far-away bureaucrats. In education, for instance, the pandemic has caused the ranks of homeschooling students in our nation to soar and sent swarms of children to private schools. That number only continues to grow. More and more courageous parents are speaking up and questioning the policies of their school boards. University and college enrollments declined again this year, with many students instead electing to enter the work force, some of whom are undoubtedly turned off by the political correctness that has gripped so many campuses.

We can help accelerate this quiet resistance in any number of ways:

  • First and foremost, we can take our dissatisfaction to the polls this fall.
  • Whether we formally homeschool or not, we can teach our kids to discern truth from lies and to learn the full history of our country.
  • We can cut our dependence on gigantic outfits like Amazon by shopping locally as much as possible.
  • We can donate money to organizations and causes we believe in.

Best of all, we can look to the future with hope. Those in charge want us to despair, to believe there’s nothing we can do to change the direction in which they are taking the country. When we surrender to that sort of doom-and-gloom despair, we give up. We quit. Which is precisely their intention.

So take heart. Keep your eyes on the prize, which is freedom. We’ve lost some battles, but we’re going to win this war.

Jeff Minick
Jeff Minick

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