Certain politicians and special interest groups have brought out the pipes and drums to renew the Green New Deal. I recently heard our president on the radio shouting—and he was really shouting—about the perils we face if we don’t spend trillions of dollars fighting climate change. He told his audience that the scientists and our Department of Defense have warned us that we are now in a state of “code red” and that we need to spend truckloads of money trying to reverse some change in the weather.           

Is climate change real? Undoubtedly. Anyone who explores in even a cursory manner the past patterns and alterations in the world’s climate is aware of this natural phenomenon. Grapes supposedly once grew in Greenland, and between the 14th and 19th centuries Europe went through a “Little Ice Age.”        

Is climate change beneficial or harmful to the human race? I have no idea. I’m too ignorant to offer an opinion on this question.           

But I am certain of one thing. Any efforts by the government of the United States to change the climate are doomed to failure.

Columnist Ned Temko gives us a glimpse of just how much the government is seeking to work climate change into its agenda in “Saigon and Kabul: A connection that will shape the US global role.” He considersthe effect our disastrous exit from Afghanistan will have on American diplomacy and on our standing in the international community, casually remarking that America under President Biden “has moved to reclaim a leadership role on major international issues, especially climate change.”             

Even the most ardent proponent of the Green New Deal would surely agree that climate change is a global problem. It’s therefore obvious that the United States alone cannot halt the warming of the earth—or is it the cooling? I can never be certain—and so save the human race. We could all drive electric cars, live in tiny houses, and get rid of 50 percent of our population through various means, but without every other nation matching those measures, nothing would change.           

And that’s not about to happen any time soon, especially with China in the picture.           

“China’s bustling, coal-intensive economy” environmental scientist Tim De Chant reports in a recent article, accounts for “a whopping 27 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.” He also points out that “while pollution from developed countries has largely been flat since 1990, it has more than tripled in China.”

About those coal plants: in 2020 China “built more than three times as much new coal power capacity as all the other countries in the world combined,” an article at Energy Live News tells us. The Chinese are constructing an average of one large coal plant every week to meet growing demands for energy. To ease criticism from other parts of the world, President Xi Jinping recently issued a statementannouncing China would be carbon neutral by 2060.           

Other countries are also pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Of the top 50 most polluted cities in the world, all may be found in China, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.           

Surely some of those who advocate bankrupting Americans while fighting climate change are aware of these circumstances, yet they never mention them. No—in their eyes, we are the ones responsible for warming up Mother Nature and threatening the world with catastrophe.           

Following Hurricane Ida, for example, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas blamed climate change for the storm. Previously, he held climate change as responsible for the illegal immigration at the border, saying in an interview with CNN, “The impact of climate change, extreme weather events, the reason people are fleeing their homes is quite significant.”   

For almost two years, we’ve seen our state and federal governments seizing unprecedented power on account of a virus, violating the Constitution, and stripping frightened citizens of their traditional rights.

Was this just a warm-up for a further expansion of government power in the name of fighting climate change? Are our bureaucrats and politicians truly interested in fighting climate change or will they be aiming to control and change us? 

I suspect we’ll find out sooner than later.