Where’d everybody go?

Whatever happened to the Jeffrey Epstein case? Traces of the Durham Report, which was investigating those who manufactured the story of Russian interference in the 2016 election, seem to have also disappeared from view. Or what about Hunter Biden? His laptop full of secrets and the possible corrupt practices of his father, presidential candidate Joe Biden, are fast fading from memory.

Let’s look closer at these disappearing stories, for in doing so, we’re likely to untangle a common thread between them and the current election limbo.

In mid-October, CNBC reported that Ghislaine Maxwell, an associate of Epstein accused of procuring underage girls for sex with Epstein and his cronies, stated under oath, “I never observed Jeffrey having sex with a minor.” A coy reply, that. But what about details on the rich and the famous, like Bill Clinton, who traveled to Epstein’s “Orgy Island?”

Just as interesting in this CNBC article is how the writer, Dan Mangan, slants the news. “Epstein had socialized for years with wealthy and powerful people,” Mangan writes, “including Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, as well as with Britain’s Prince Andrew.” What Mangan fails to mention is that unlike Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, Donald Trump paid no visits to Epstein’s island of sleaze.

Attorney General Bill Barr told the American people in mid-October that the Justice Department’s review of the Russian hoax would not be available until after this year’s election. The election at the moment remains in stasis, but we might ask: Where’s the report? And why the silence surrounding it?

If we Google “Hunter Biden laptop,” we find a few reports from early November. Many of these pieces seem more bent on destroying this story than investigating it. “Move along, folks,” is the watchword. “Nothing to see here.” And so we get headlines like this one from Politico: “How ‘Obamagate’ and Hunter’s ‘laptop from hell’ fizzled.” Did the story fizzle or did the press simply disappear it down the rabbit hole?

Now we are mired in an election corrupted by fraud and vote tampering. Few dispute that some voting irregularities occurred, but Democrats and some Republicans are now insisting that President Trump and his team stop poking their noses into the vote count and move on for the good of the country.

There’s that rabbit hole again.

So what do all of these stories have in common?

In a word, corruption.

These stories are covered in more mud than a happy hog, and their duplicities and slimy deceptions are surely one reason why the left has assailed the Trump administration for four years and why they are now insisting they’ve won the election openly and honestly. These people are afraid. They know their lies and manipulations may soon come under a spotlight so bright that even the mainstream media (MSM) must report them.

Yet if Biden wins the presidency, all these investigations will disappear down the rabbit hole. The MSM will continue to ignore them and an electorate will lose interest in old news like the Russia hoax and Hunter Biden’s laptop. The media, which with few exceptions has already declared Biden the victor, will let the fraud of this election slide. A year from now, some Trump supporters will remember this debacle, but the rest of the country will move on.

But what if by some miracle Trump wins the presidency?

On Friday, November 13, a date considered unlucky by some, Sidney Powell, a former federal prosecutor and now a leader on Trump’s legal team, announced that a Trump geek squad has uncovered massive voter fraud via a computer program called Dominion. In an interview with Lou Dobbs of Fox Business Network, Powell said, “We’ve got statistical evidence that shows hundreds of thousands of votes being just put in and replicated.” She called for “a massive criminal investigation” claiming that it could “affect millions of voters and elections.”

If true and verifiable, and if our nation’s constitutional bodies have the willpower to address these monumental issues, these charges will sink the Biden candidacy.

Let me end with one other piece of evidence showing that we may be about to see Biden’s vote count shrink like a punctured balloon.

That piece of evidence is President Trump himself.

Put yourself in Trump’s shoes. What would you be doing right now? Wouldn’t you gather your team in the Oval Office and spend every minute of every day sweating bullets and frantically making plans on how to beat the cheating and fraud?

Undoubtedly, the president is holding such meetings.

But he’s also played golf at least twice since Election Day.

What should we make of that? Is that a sign of a man who has given up the fight or who needs relief from stress? Or – and I apologize for mixing metaphors – is it a sign of a guy in a high-stakes poker game holding an ace-high straight flush in his hand who is smiling to himself?

We’ll soon find out.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on that rabbit hole.