Given the events of the past 10 months, preceded by four years of unceasing media rage about President Trump, I find it nearly impossible to choose a word summing up the headlines and articles I read every morning. On top of the pandemic and the summer riots, we now are nearing the end of the weirdest presidential campaign this nation has ever seen, and I just can’t put my finger on the adjective that best describes current events.

So I invented a new word.


Krakzy is a portmanteau of crazy and cracked, with cracked having a double meaning: fissured and insane. Beginning krakzy with a “k” rather than a “c” adds further luster to this descriptive tag of American lunacy.

I was proud of this linguistic novelty for about three minutes until I Googled “krakzy” and found some gamers had already coined the word. Good for them, but I’ll nonetheless use krakzy here to address our country’s state of madness and instability.

This past two weeks have brought revelation after revelation from Hunter Biden’s computer: his engagement with China, Burisma, and other shadowy governments and corporations, and the involvement of his father, presidential candidate Joe Biden, in these corrupt ventures. The hard drive, which Hunter abandoned at a repair shop, also contains pictures of Hunter smoking crack and engaging in sex, and Rudy Giuliani reportedly turned some hard drive data from the laptop over to Delaware State Police over concerns of child endangerment

What sort of an adult abandons his computer with this damning treasure trove of evidence? Did Hunter Biden stay so high for 90 days that he forgot to collect it?

Who knows? All we can say is: Krakzy.

Meanwhile, CNN commentator and legal adviser Jeffrey Toobin was caught masturbating during a Zoom conference. CNN put him on a leave of absence. 

Many in the media rushed to defend Toobin, with some urging The New Yorker to end its investigation into his misconduct.

This caught my attention. I have never Zoomed in my life and so am left wondering if Zoom has some magical erotic powers. I’m also left to ponder why a middle-aged man would perform such an act in those circumstances. Again, Krakzy.

Some of our governors have already destroyed Halloween this year, closing down haunted houses and parties on account of coronavirus, which must have left candy manufacturers and dentists unhappy. Now Dr. Fauci is going after Thanksgiving, telling his listeners that large family gatherings with out-of-town guests are unsafe. California has already issued a document of mandatory requirements for family gatherings.

Driving a car can be unsafe. Taking a shower can be unsafe. Wearing a mask eight hours a day can be unsafe. Life doesn’t come with a guarantee.

Cancel Thanksgiving? How about Christmas? How about the Fourth of July in 2021?


The sea of this year’s troubles has left some acquaintances saddened or angry. The locked-down churches and schools, the masks, and the fear they see in so many others have taken a toll on the spirits of these friends.

Meanwhile, the left continues to push ideas like critical race theory, packing the Supreme Court, and defunding the police, hoping to introduce Americans to the bright and shining uplands of socialism following the election.

When I read about some of these proposals, and worse, when I see their proponents screaming obscenities on video, crying when their candidates and ideas are rejected, and threatening to burn our country down, only one word comes to mind:


Recently recovered from a bout of coronavirus, one presidential candidate is throwing two or three rallies a day attended by thousands of supporters. The other remains at home most of the time, keeping “the lid on” and depending on the media to do his work for him. When asked if he intends to pack the Supreme Court or for comments on his son’s computer, this man waves away the questions as if they were bothersome gnats.


How is it possible that our great republic has made such a mess of elections? Because of idiotic measures like mail-in ballots, some commentators now believe that it will take weeks after the election to determine a winner.

Remember when we used to know our next president within a day or two?



With this swirl of insanity, it’s a wonder that we aren’t all bughouse krakzy. Some time in the future, I imagine historians and psychologists will study 2020 and find that many American suffered some mental and spiritual damage from the fallout of this awful year. They’ll discover that many of us gained weight, suffered bouts of depression, and permitted the government to snatch away some of our liberties out of fear.

You and I, dear reader, have a choice. We can give way to this infectious madness and allow it to engulf us, or we can hold fast to the good things – faith, family, friends, and a belief in our country – and emerge from this darkness stronger than ever.

Let’s leave krakzy to others and stick to the right path.