As I’ve said before in print, I’m not the best of prognosticators.           

An early example of my failures as a crystal ball reader comes from long ago when I was a seventh-grader at Staunton Military Academy in Virginia. My roommate appeared after Christmas break with an album by four Brits called “The Beatles.” After listening to about half their songs, I said, “Those guys will never make it. Stick to the Beach Boys.”           

Want to know why I’ve never played the stock market? There you have it.           

Nonetheless, I’m going to stick my neck out and make some predictions about the 2020 presidential election.           

First of all, it’s going to be a horrible mess. With the push for mail-in ballots and with the usual voter fraud shenanigans in play, we may expect widespread discrepancies in the tabulation of votes. Given that we can’t accurately track the correct number of coronavirus deaths, how can such a count for the presidency be considered accurate? No matter who wins, the other side will cry “Fraud” and declare the election invalid.           

Now, let’s say that Donald Trump is elected to a second term. After four years of protests and outrage, do we really believe the Democrats will finally accept him as our president? Will antifafa – anti-fascist fascists – and others simply bag up their signs, explosives, and bricks, and go home? Will the mainstream television media at last announce, “This man is our duly-elected head of government,” and go back to reporting the news? Will the “cancel culture” crowd, our academics, and our celebrities suddenly go mum?           

My prediction: Not a chance.           

So let’s say we give the election to Joe Biden. Will Republicans, conservatives, and patriots simply pour themselves an extra drink on the evening Biden is declared president-elect, head for bed, and wake up the next morning prepared to go about their usual duties of work, school, and everyday life?           


If Joe Biden wins the election, will coronavirus magically disappear, allowing schools and churches to reopen? Will masks be relegated to the trash? Will the riots in cities like Portland simply vanish into thin air? Will the toppling of statues, the attacks on federal buildings, and the general insanity that now prevails in certain groups on the left fade into oblivion?      

Possibly. Or the protestors and rioters, encouraged by the election results, might double-down in their efforts to bring about a “transformation” of the United States, the Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our rule of law, and the American Dream. 

And will President Biden then guide Americans into a brighter future, a new golden era of social and racial equality, a utopia where we conquer climate change and join together, brother with brother, sister with sister, to usher in the Age of Aquarius?           

No way. Joe Biden seems unable to find the way out of his basement, much less lead a country as deeply troubled as ours. He will be a puppet, and others will be pulling the strings, making Mr. Biden dance to their tune. Who these puppet-masters will be I don’t know, but they already have those strings in hand, these unelected men and women who will in effect be running the administration and the country.           

It’s too late to ask the question “How did it come to this?” We’ve already arrived at this Hobson’s choice and need to make preparations, girding ourselves for what might be the biggest political debacle in American history.           

To my young friends living in cities controlled by the left, especially you young women, I encourage you either to leave those cities, even if temporarily, or prepare to defend yourselves. Stock up on groceries, water, and medical supplies. Arm yourselves. Be ready for a fight.           

As for my friends and families living in smaller towns and rural areas, should Donald Trump win the election, brace yourselves for another four years of attacks on everything you may hold dear: American history, culture, and religion. If Joe Biden gathers enough votes to bring Trump down, prepare yourself for the same attacks, not violently by a mob or by the machinations of some university professors, but by sweeping political and legal changes we can hardly fathom.           

I have followed elections since the Kennedy-Nixon presidential race. Over the years, I have frequently heard that “this presidential race is the most important of our time.” Bloggers, columnists, and talk show radio hosts are repeating this same mantra today.           

Are they correct? Is this the most important presidential race in a long time?           


Come November, one way or the other, we’ll elect a president, but the craziness won’t end with the election. You can take that one to the bank.           

Buckle up.