Suddenly all of America is homeschooling. I could never have imagined it. The whole homeschooling community now “looks like America.” What most people fail to understand, however, is that the homeschooling community always did.

On a beautiful June morning when my one and only child graduated from high school, I was struck yet again by the lunacy of left-wing mythology. Homeschooling, leftists assure us, is the domain of white, right-wing, Christian fundamentalists whose only concern is that their children not learn about evolution.

My son graduated from the California Virtual Academy, an online school in 2017. Long before the rest of the country joined in, CAVA students were studying at home on computers. They communicated with their teachers and fellow students through online discussions.

On graduation day there were about 200 students gathered in the auditorium. According to the shallow principles of the Left, it was a graduating class that “looked like America.” That is to say, by the Left’s skin-deep standards, this was a diverse group, with a large representation of black and Hispanic students.

The young lady who, beautifully, sang the national anthem was black. The young man who delivered the class prayer was Hispanic. The young man who delivered the valedictory address was Jewish. In all the ways in which leftists value diversity – genitalia, skin color, and lack of Christianity – the CAVA class of 2017 was certainly diverse. I admit, despite knowing better, I was impressed by how well this homeschooled class fulfilled the Left’s ideas of diversity.

But that is counting diversity in leftist terms. Let’s look at diversity in terms that have less to do with melanin and more to do with meaning and substance. Let us examine true diversity – diversity of thought.

Through online groups, sports classes, and group outings, I’ve gotten to know a lot of homeschooling families. There is no such thing as a typical homeschooler. Of course there are the devout Christians – believers in a young earth, disbelievers in evolution. But there are also hippies who worry about the “militarization” of public schools.

There are the academic homeschoolers, concerned with the lack of academic excellence in public schools. These parents teach their kids with only the most arcane methods such as diagramming sentences and memorizing multiplication tables. And believe it or not, a whole group of homeschoolers exists that thinks public schools are too academically rigorous, and homeschool to keep their kids from being pushed too hard.

From Left to Right and all points in between, a homeschool group will provide far more diversity of thought than you will find at any Washington, D.C. cocktail party or CNN talk show. The only rule is: you don’t tell me how to educate my child; I won’t tell you how to educate your child.

I have never seen so much intellectual diversity in my life as when among those in the homeschooling community. You can teach your child the earth is 5,000 years old or you can teach your child we only have 10 years to save the planet. You can even teach your child the lost art of cursive writing. Your child, your choice.

This article has been republished with permission from American Greatness.