In “Sexualization, Pornography, and Grooming in the Schools,” Amy Contrada reports on the introduction of “comprehensive sex education (CSE) into our schools. After reading her article and following some of the links, which contain graphic content, the word that first came to mind was YUCK! (Other words popped into the brain pan as well, but it’s best to not mention them.)

Contrada gives us a few details of what CSE teaches children in grades 4-12, as well as a link to a site describing FLASH (Family Life and Sexual Health), one of the CSE programs.

In the elementary school program, FLASH introduces students in grades 4-6 to topics like abortion, masturbation, homosexuality, sex outside of marriage, and cohabitation. The writers of the program regard abstinence as an “out-dated, non-evidenced-based” practice and so refuse to admit that teaching into the program.

In her article, Contrada also includes two statements by eighth-grade girls who reveal the devastating effect FLASH had on the culture at their schools. “Imagine,” one of the girls asks, “if your classroom activity for the day was to play bingo using words like sperm, erection, and ejaculation and your homework was to look up “penis too large” on the Internet.”

Both girls complain of constant sexual harassment from their male counterparts since FLASH entered the school.

Informed Parents of Washington (IPOW) is fighting back. According to Contrada, 58 percent of parents surveyed in the state opposed the introduction of CSE in the public schools, but they were ignored by Democratic legislators.

Both Planned Parenthood and the United Nations are backers of CSE.

Why do we allow these trespasses against children? What power gives the state the right to push this garbage onto students and their parents? Many from both liberal and conservative camps must oppose these appalling measures.

Also, what is the real point? Is it to educate children in a healthy way, or is it yet one more attack on traditional morality and religious values? Are these programs designed to preserve and encourage the family or to destroy it?

If our public schools were truly interested in teaching sexual health, they wouldn’t approach the human body as if it were a machine. They would teach what so many of us know: love in the bedroom counts for much more than technique. If schools were truly interested in instructing their young charges on “family life,” which most students experience outside of the classroom, they would teach about sacrifices made, responsibilities borne, and the great gifts that can emerge from a stable home.

Why not quit wasting time and money on such efforts to corrupt children? Sexual health and the workings of reproduction could be taught in one week of a ninth-grade health or biology class.

One of the girls quoted in the article offered this excellent point:

In my other class we are learning about our first amendment rights. I am supposed to have the right to exercise my religious freedom yet every day I am being forced to go against it in order to pass a class. I am a pastor’s daughter. Where are my rights? Where is my right to have safe boundaries? I don’t want this mandated on me and I certainly can’t imagine making younger kids go through this.

Scores for American students in reading and writing continue to drop. Let’s not even mention history. Ask the high school students in your life if they know anything about the American Revolution, the reason the Founders created a republic rather than a democracy, or if they can name the three branches of our government. Despite the poor knowledge of the basics, we must spend classroom time teaching students about oral and anal sex.

Now, let’s consider the bigger picture.

Decadence and civilization are about as compatible as a match and gasoline.

To believe otherwise, to believe that somehow we are magically immune from the ravishing effects of vice, self-indulgence, and depravity, reveals a vast ignorance of history and a stunning moral arrogance.

We are a culture already drenched in sexuality. The transgender issue pops up every day on the Internet. Some observers have described this year’s Super Bowl halftime show, which is watched by children and teens, as pornographic. Teenagers can easily scout out porn on the computer and engage in sexting. Movie after movie presents explicitly sexual scenes.

Now those with a radical agenda want to teach sexuality in the classroom. To what end? I think we all know the answer to that question.

Three cheers for the Informed Parents of Washington. We need similar organizations in every other state in the Union.

[Image Credit: Flickr-woodleywonderworks, CC BY 2.0]