What is the United State’s biggest problem? Is it our government? Healthcare? The economy?

Gallup Poll collected data from early June and asked that very question. Based on their results, one-fourth of Americans think the government is the biggest problem.

This is the highest number of people thinking it’s the government since the shutdown in October 2013 when it reached a record high of 33%. This is not saying that healthcare, the economy, terrorism, unemployment, and many other reasons are not important too, most of these have also held the top spot in recent years.

“Currently, 31% of Democrats and 24% of Republicans cite dissatisfaction with government as the top issue, up from 24% and 13%, respectively, last month.”

Donald Trump is mentioned as the top reason the government is a problem, beating out healthcare, which held the top spot in May. This is not unexpected, as many Americans have seen him as very controversial since he was elected last November.

“Still, healthcare remains among Americans’ top concerns, behind only government dissatisfaction, and roughly tied with terrorism, race relations, unifying the country, the environment, unemployment and the economy in general.”




Gallup suggests some reasons why government dissatisfaction is so high right now:

“The increase in the percentage of Democrats citing government as the most important problem is likely attributable to greater media attention to the current political controversy involving Trump. Meanwhile, Republicans’ rising dissatisfaction with government could reflect their frustration with Trump as well as anger at Democrats in Congress for their steadfast opposition to Trump.”

Gallup’s poll on the nation’s top problems tends to fluctuate. Terrorism as a reason increased after multiple terrorist attacks in recent weeks, including several that occurred in the United Kingdom the past month. Healthcare was cited as the biggest problem the previous month because the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was at the forefront of the House when lawmakers were voting whether to repeal the law. Investigations against Trump has been a major issue this month, which likely explains why he has risen to the top spot.

[Image credit: By DrRandomFactor via Wikimedia Commons]