The end of another year is always a great opportunity to look back and reflect. But as many have already noted, 2016 is not the happiest year to look back and reflect upon.

In spite of the year’s challenges, we at Intellectual Takeout are thankful for the opportunities we had to discuss the ideas and issues of society with our audience.

Below is a partial list of the year’s most read posts, listed in order from number 50 to number 26. Check back tomorrow for a list of Intellectual Takeout’s top 25 posts in 2016!

50. 10 Cognitive Biases that Affect Your Everyday Decisions

             We make up to 35,000 decisions a day. Try to avoid these ways of thinking.

49. Why European Children are Less Noisy than American Children

             Europeans and Americans treat public places very differently, it turns out.

48. Ex-Porn Star: Don’t do porn, people will treat you differently

            Should we be stigmatizing pornographers?

47. Telegraph: Down’s Syndrome People Could Soon Face “Extinction”

            Some would not consider such a trend problematic, but perhaps they should.

46. 15 Things Christ Said that Weren’t Nice

            Christ-like might not be what some people think.

45. The Intolerant Student Left

            It’s shocking who they’re going after now.

44. Why are So Many Female Teachers Sleeping with Students?

           A glance at the data suggests sex crimes involving female teachers are on the rise (big time).

43. Top Ten Ways to Be a Man

Maybe we need to reconsider our codes of conduct, especially when it comes to the art of being a man.

42. Is Society Destroying the Kind of Women Men Want?

Has the culture’s promotion of self-esteem and narcissism turned many young men and women into unattractive partners?

41. Princeton Prof Has the Ultimate Post about the Harriet Tubman $20

It’s hard to make a case against Tubman, an abolitionist who risked her life to free enslaved families in the South, a true hero in an important chapter of the American story.

40. What is Socialism?

                Here’s the definition since a lot of people don’t seem to know.

39. Americans are Embracing Bad Government Because They Don’t Know History

                “History, in general, only informs us what bad government is.”

38. Huxley’s Disturbing Prophecy

                His 1947 foreword to ‘Brave New World’ contains a jarring prediction.

37. In Chicago, it’s Not the Cops Doing the Killing

              Already 290 shootings and over 50 dead in 2016. There’s only been one police shooting.

36. Scientist Says ADHD is Basically Bullsh*t

              Pardon our French.

35. The Myth of the Pagan Origins of Christmas

              Was Christmas really co-opted from a pagan celebration?             

34. Should Students be Taught to Spot Logical Fallacies?

             It would certainly come in handy during the political season…

33. The Myers-Briggs Test is Pretty Fun

 You can even take America’s most popular psychological profile test and find out what Star Wars character you are.

32. This 1897 Text Gives 3 Clues Why Today’s Students Can’t Write

 American schools, students, and even adults regularly violate three principles deemed essential to the writing process.

31. Liberals are Starting to Notice Liberal Intolerance

            Liberals are increasingly expressing disapproval of the intolerance on today’s college campuses.

30. Why We Need Alpha Males

            Somebody has to fight the wolves.

29. Why Conservatives Can’t Understand Liberals (and Vice Versa)

            Psychologist Jonathan Haidt says many people today live in a ‘moral matrix’.

28. Ignoring Boy Rape

The practice is called bacha bazi, literally ‘boy play,’ and American soldiers and Marines have been instructed not to intervene.

27. Ignored: Poor Whites

While whites may not understand what it means to be black in America, many millions of them deeply understand grinding poverty. 

26. Former Teacher: 7 Ways Schools are Creating ‘Empty’ Children

           How can we reverse the trend and raise vibrant, imaginative, and knowledgeable children?