It’s not everyday that you get to witness records for any kind of sport being broken, but last year we got to witness a truly amazing feat, as Paralympic archer Matt Stutzman acquired the Furthest accurate distance in Men’s archery title.

At a private golf club in McKinney, Texas, Matt, the ‘armless archer,’ loosed an arrow from the bow held upright and steady by the toes on his right foot, striking a target 930.04 feet down rage, and cementing his new place in the record books.

Matt Stutzman was born without arms in 1982 in Kansas City, Kansas, and has since become an expert in archery using only his feet and shoulders, crushing records that have been previously set by able-bodied individuals.

In December 2015, Stutzman’s world record shot beat Peter Terry’s previous record-holding shot of 656 feet 2 inches (that Terry set back in 2005) by almost 300 feet.

Stutzman had a few words before his attempt at the world record:

“I have lot of dreams. One of my dreams is to break the world record, and that dream will come true today.”

“I see myself as just an able-bodied person … I decided that since [my arms] weren’t going to grow back, I was just going to go forward with everything and not let anything get in my way or stop me from my goals.”

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