The old joke calls prostitution “the world’s oldest profession”. Alas, in our ever-changing world of words, some of today’s prostitutes prefer a different term: “Sugar Baby”. It’s all about marketing, right?

From the NY Post:

“After a sushi dinner a few years ago, the date of Sara-Kate, then a college student living in Boston, suggested they go back to his place to test a kinky new sex position.

Post-coitus, the satisfied man — a 75-year-old married grandpa — experienced a medical emergency that forced him to boot her out as he called 911, but not before leaving $500 in cash on the dresser. She picked it up on her way out.

Sara-Kate, 26, who asked that her last name not be used for professional reasons, doesn’t consider herself a prostitute, but rather a ‘sugar baby’ — a young woman who dates older men with money to spend.

‘Sex has never been a requirement or expectation — it’s like any other relationship,’ she says. ‘[Cash is] definitely more in the vein of a gift than a transaction.’”

Perhaps better than being the prostitute is to actually set up a business to teach other people how to be a hooker:

“Let’s Talk Sugar schools cash-poor paramours in everything from where to find a sugar daddy (think upscale malls) to how much you should ask for in allowance — $500 per evening is the going rate. Sample articles include ‘Sugar Baby Diet Tips’ and ‘5 Gifts To Ask for From the Neiman Marcus Holiday Mag.’”

One student, a “30-year-old grade-school teacher” had the following to say:

“I discovered this brand of man who wants to spend money on me, so why the hell not? I have $25,000 of debt from school.”

But the best kind of sugar daddy to snag?

“It’s better to date the married ones. They have limits, and the night always has to end at some point.”


But remember, there is no right or wrong, no matter how many men ruin their marriages and prostitutes enable it.