For thousands of years, the maxim “moderation in all things” was accepted as a given, and prudentially applied by men and women to their various activities.

Today, apparently, some people feel more comfortable if science repeatedly confirms the truth of this maxim.


Yesterday, the New York Times reported that scientific studies have shown the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption. The author of the article summarized the available research as follows:


“Synthesizing all this, there seems to be a sizable amount of evidence that moderate alcohol consumption is associated with decreased rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and death. It also seems to be associated with increased rates, perhaps to a lesser extent, of some cancers, especially breast cancer, as well as some other diseases or conditions. The gains from improved cardiovascular disease deaths seem to outweigh all of the losses in other diseases combined. The most recent report of the U.S.D.A. Scientific Advisory Panel agrees with that assessment.”


The author cautioned readers that alcohol consumption is not without risk, but ultimately stated that, “evidence does seem to say that moderate consumption is safe, and that it may even be healthy for many people. If you’re enjoying some drinks this holiday season, it’s nice to know that they may be doing more than just bringing you cheer.”