1. (Above) We’re not all the same. Everybody knows that we’re not all the same with the exception of—apparently—public school administrators and curriculum writers.


2. The condescension is palpable today, even if it’s not based on any evidence.

Fact: college isn’t for everyone, and there are good options for those who choose not to get a four-year degree.


3. Speaking of college, does it seem like the tuition costs of a four-year degree are out of control?

Probably because they are.


4. Sure, the dropout rate as a whole has gotten a bit better over the past decade, but try telling that to parents of students in larger cities like Los Angeles, where the dropout rate is 17%, or Chicago, where the dropout rate is more than 25%!


5. Does it sometimes feel like we’re wasting what President Kennedy called “our fundamental resource” by filling heads with multiple choice bubbles and scantrons? 


6. And finally, the go-to, fix-all solution to any problem in education: throw money at it.

Over the past 40 years, education funding has tripled, while math and verbal skills have decreased by three percent.  

Students and parents need real, tangible change. Not just more money.