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  • Dems Reject Work Ethic, Embrace Freeloaders

    Dems Reject Work Ethic, Embrace Freeloaders0

    The Democratic Party used to call itself the party of working people and hail the “dignity of work.” No more. Now Democrats want to guarantee people who choose not to work an income funded by the suckers who do the right thing by showing up for work, caring for their family and paying taxes. Fortunately,

  • Why Your Son Should Reconsider College

    Why Your Son Should Reconsider College0

    A young friend of mine is in his last year of high school and asking the age-old “what do I do with my life” question. Most average high school seniors would be settling on their final liberal arts college choice right now—more concerned about the climbing wall in the student center and the cafeteria entrees

  • I Was Fired From My Teaching Job for Refusing to Get Vaccinated

    I Was Fired From My Teaching Job for Refusing to Get Vaccinated0

    Until recently, I was a California teacher working in two charter schools, one as a full-time classroom teacher of Government/Economics and sometimes U.S. History, and the other as a part-time independent study teacher who assists families with a program primarily based around homeschooling. I have taught for about five years and love teaching. Last week,

  • Lifestyles of the Rich and Paranoid

    Lifestyles of the Rich and Paranoid0

    What do super rich people with multi-million dollar summer homes in the Hamptons and similar enclaves think about today’s troubled, often violent politics? Frank answers are seldom forthcoming given that an impolite answer might invite social ostracism and exclusion from A-list parties. But actions often speak louder than words, and a recent article in AVENUE

  • Using Diversity for Personal Gain

    Using Diversity for Personal Gain0

    Identity Capitalists: The Powerful Insiders Who Exploit Diversity to Maintain Inequality, by Nancy Leong (Stanford University Press; 240 pp., $28.00). Nancy Leong recounts her chagrin at a friend’s wedding to start her jaundiced polemic, Identity Capitalists. The tipsy bride, gushing with thanks for Leong’s attendance, hugged her before joking indelicately, “I mean if you hadn’t been

  • A Response to Biden’s Stimulus Letter

    A Response to Biden’s Stimulus Letter0

    At my elbow is a letter from President Biden that came in the mail this past weekend. It’s torn in half, dotted with coffee grounds, and slightly soggy, because I just now retrieved it from my kitchen wastebasket. I rescued this letter from the banana peels, other junk mail, and a chicken carcass to read