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  • The New-Normaling of Blackouts

    The New-Normaling of Blackouts2

    On Christmas Eve, 2022, in North Carolina, something happened that had never happened before in living memory. People across the state were alerted by their power company, Duke Energy, that there would be rolling blackouts in the aftermath of a …

  • 7 Financial Tips From the Book of Proverbs

    7 Financial Tips From the Book of Proverbs1

    Ask someone from the millennial or Generation Z crowds about tech-related topics and you’ll likely get an encyclopedia of knowledge pouring forth. Ask those same cohorts about a financial decision or money-related matter and you just might get a deer-in-the-headlights …

  • The Tax Man Cometh

    The Tax Man Cometh12

    Here I am, an old guy, whose social security check won’t cover the rent of his home—much less living expenses. Because I was self-employed most of my life and unwise in my financial planning, I have no retirement account.

    Therefore, …