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  • Land of the Free – An Update

    Land of the Free – An Update9

    Last year, I described a zoning kerfuffle that had gotten me into hot water with our local county authorities. I had, in a fit of naïveté, built a small wooden platform, put a canvas yurt on it, and rented it out as a popular “glamping” destination. Thinking that my rights as an American, private-property landowner made

  • What Carpool Lanes Can Teach Us About Privatization

    What Carpool Lanes Can Teach Us About Privatization6

    I recently took a car trip of about 150 miles. I’m still recovering from it, as I drove by myself and practically every mile was bumper to bumper (I exaggerate, but only slightly). So, I sat, stewed, and twiddled my thumbs. (I did so to baroque music, so it wasn’t a total waste, but still.…)

  • Steamboat Willie and Intellectual Property

    Steamboat Willie and Intellectual Property1

    You’ve likely already seen him freely used across the Internet over the last two days. As of 2024, Steamboat Willie, the cartoon which introduced Mickey Mouse, entered the public domain. This means that Steamboat Willie and its depictions of Mickey Mouse is fair game for any usage (I’d guess Disney likely will still try to


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