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  • The Sexual Revolution’s Unwanted Progeny

    The Sexual Revolution’s Unwanted Progeny0

    A few months ago, I wrote about the sexual revolution that needs to happen, but won’t. Partly because the more powerful can, and often do, elicit grudging “consent” from the less powerful, seeing mutual consent as the sole moral criterion for sexual interactions is problematic. That’s one of the sexual revolution’s unwanted progeny. We need

  • What’s Really Behind the Multiverse Theory

    What’s Really Behind the Multiverse Theory0

    That there might be more than one universe, indeed infinitely many, seems at first to be more than a science-fiction fantasy. Respectable scientific cosmologists seriously posit and explore the hypothesis that there is a “multiverse.” But there’s good reason to believe that not all is as it seems. The piece I linked to above, which

  • Are Progressives More Biased Than Conservatives?

    Are Progressives More Biased Than Conservatives?0

    It’s no secret that university faculties these days—at least in the humanities and social sciences—are overwhelmingly “progressive” in outlook. Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt, founder of Heterodox Academy, argues that such lack of political diversity can measurably harm the quality of research, at least in his own field. But as one might expect, progressives tend to

  • Why Identity Politics is Toxic for Everybody

    Why Identity Politics is Toxic for Everybody0

    Speakers invited to Hillsdale College have been hitting home runs lately. Two talks in particular poignantly diagnose the toxic effects of identity politics: one by University of Pennsylvania law professor Amy Wax, who recounts her recent experience of it; the other by political journalist Matthew Continetti, who argues that it’s counterproductive as well as un-American.


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