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  • Identity Politics Is Now Undermining Science

    Identity Politics Is Now Undermining Science0

    The prestige of science in our culture is well-earned.    That scientists discover truths (or at least serviceable approximations to truths) is undeniable. The evidence for that is how successfully scientific findings have been applied for centuries as technology, which has improved life greatly for countless people.    Sound science depends on methodologies that are

  • Are Atheists Rejecting the Wrong God?

    Are Atheists Rejecting the Wrong God?2

    As a theist, I often sympathize with people who call themselves atheists. For when they describe the god in whom they disbelieve—who usually turns out to be a vindictive ogre, or some sort of super-alien—I find myself agreeing that I don’t believe in that deity either. Indeed, before there can be useful discussion of the question whether

  • Truth: Often Unwelcome, Never ‘Dead’

    Truth: Often Unwelcome, Never ‘Dead’0

    In March 2017, frustrated by the new president’s casual approach to truth, Time Magazine published an issue cover with the title “Is Truth Dead?” Its graphics were identical to those of an iconic 1966 cover with the title “Is God Dead?” Such hype isn’t unique. Just last January, The Atlantic published a thoughtful article whose subtitle expressed a closely related

  • The ‘Respectable’ Anti-Semitism of the Left

    The ‘Respectable’ Anti-Semitism of the Left0

    In the past two years, no less than three books on left-wing anti-Semitism have been published to generally favorable reviews: Dave Rich’s The Left’s Jewish Problem – Jeremy Corbyn, Israel and Anti-Semitism (September 2016); Antisemitism and the Left – On the Return of the Jewish Question by Bob Fine and Phil Spencer (February 2017); and


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