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    Lenore Skenazy

    Lenore Skenazy is president of Let Grow, a contributing writer at Reason.com, and author of "Has the World Gone Skenazy?"

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  • We Made Kids So Safe That It’s Hurting Them

    We Made Kids So Safe That It’s Hurting Them4

    Kids need to climb trees, jump off things and ride their bikes fast. That’s what the Canadian Paediatric Society is recommending in a white paper out today: “Healthy childhood development through outdoor risky play.” If that sounds positively radical — and also commonsensical — you’re right. Mariana Brussoni, a developmental psychologist at the University of

  • Toronto Bans Tobogganing — and Fun?

    Toronto Bans Tobogganing — and Fun?0

    Talk about a slippery slope. Toronto recently erected “Tobogganing is not allowed” warnings on 45 hills around the city. The reason for these bans is right there on the sign: “Hazards such as trees, stumps, rocks, rivers or roads make this hill unsafe.” So apparently it is only safe for humans to enjoy an activity

  • The Man Saving Childhood Joy

    The Man Saving Childhood Joy0

    Kids running around, playing games, staying out till the streetlights come on! That was Charles Brewer’s childhood — and dream. To make it happen in modern-day America, the entrepreneur developed Glenwood Park in Atlanta, a neighborhood that hewed to the tenets of “New Urbanism.” That meant it had “town houses, offices, retail, walkable streets, a

  • When Your Child’s Doctor Is Working Against You

    When Your Child’s Doctor Is Working Against You0

    Maya Kowalski was admitted to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in 2016. She was 10 and in extreme pain from a condition called complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). Sally Smith, a “child abuse pediatrician” who worked at the hospital through a state contract with child protective services, insisted Maya’s condition was caused and exaggerated by


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