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  • The NY Times Says Intensive Parenting Is Best, But…

    The NY Times Says Intensive Parenting Is Best, But…2

    “Parents Are Highly Involved in their Adult Children’s Lives and Fine With It,” declared the front page of The New York Times. Added the subhead: “New surveys show that today’s intensive parenting has benefits, not just risks, and most young adults seem happy with it, too.” Is that true? “Intensive parenting” is best, and kids

  • Playing Is Always Unsafe

    Playing Is Always Unsafe1

    The following note was passed along to us by a dad whose kids attend a public school in Texas. It says (emphasis mine): Parents we need your help in keeping our children safe at the playground after hours and on the weekends.   It is important that children are supervised at all times.   We

  • Safetyism Eclipses Common Sense

    Safetyism Eclipses Common Sense0

    School’s out on April 8 for many kids in the U.S. and Canada. On that date, a full solar eclipse will be visible from Texas to Ontario, and “There are risks associated with viewing a solar eclipse,” several Toronto-area school boards announced. Those schools moved their May 17 kid-free professional development day to April 8

  • We Made Kids So Safe That It’s Hurting Them

    We Made Kids So Safe That It’s Hurting Them4

    Kids need to climb trees, jump off things and ride their bikes fast. That’s what the Canadian Paediatric Society is recommending in a white paper out today: “Healthy childhood development through outdoor risky play.” If that sounds positively radical — and also commonsensical — you’re right. Mariana Brussoni, a developmental psychologist at the University of


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