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    Lenore Skenazy

    Lenore Skenazy is president of Let Grow, a contributing writer at Reason.com, and author of "Has the World Gone Skenazy?"

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  • Making Recess Fun — for Bureaucrats

    Making Recess Fun — for Bureaucrats1

    A mom who wished to remain anonymous recently went to her daughter’s Maryland elementary school to ask why the kids aren’t allowed to play tag, or even close their eyes, at recess. “We’d recently transferred from another district, and my daughter was taken aback by how many rules there were,” said the mom. There are

  • What ’70s Kids Did That Today’s Kids Don’t

    What ’70s Kids Did That Today’s Kids Don’t2

    Louise Bates Ames is one of the psychologists who popularized the idea of child development milestones. In the late ’70s, she wrote a series of books outlining what kids are capable of at different ages. The one you may have heard about is “Your Six-Year-Old: Loving and Defiant.” That’s thanks to Chicago blogger Christie Whitley,

  • To Get Kids Off Phones, Open the Door!

    To Get Kids Off Phones, Open the Door!0

    Sorry — another rant. Or maybe it’s more of a revelation. It’s this: Giving kids phones makes possible the impossible demands on parents, that they supervise, assist, drive and chaperone their kids everywhere, every day — usually while holding down another job. It’s only because we can hand kids their electronic devices that we can

  • The Stealth Reason College Kids Are So Miserable

    The Stealth Reason College Kids Are So Miserable2

    The Wall Street Journal reports that today’s college students are so lonely, sad and socially anxious that they grab their dining hall food to go — preferring to eat in their rooms. Time spent in dining halls is down 40%, according to Degree Analytics, a company measuring students’ time spent where on campus. Attendance at


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