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  • The Fastest, Cheapest Child Therapy

    The Fastest, Cheapest Child Therapy1

    If we agree there’s a youth mental health crisis, can we also agree that “More therapists!” is not the only solution?

    I worry our leaders automatically gravitate to middle-age solutions—yoga, therapy, meditation—even when they’re trying to help KIDS.

    They miss …

  • A Karen Calls Cops on a Kid

    A Karen Calls Cops on a Kid4

    A Meridian, ID, resident recently called the police department to demand a cop hurry over and apprehend an illegal solicitor—someone who’d knocked on her door to peddle without a permit.

    As reported by Deputy David Gomez, a School Resource Officer …

  • Waving Is Good for Us

    Waving Is Good for Us0

    America: Keep on waving.

    Hello! Goodbye! Welcome! Miss you already! And even: This Zoom meeting has come to an end.

    All of these deserve a wave, and we must resist the impulse to let the hand lie inert. For in …

  • Parents, You Can Sit This One Out

    Parents, You Can Sit This One Out2

    The website Scary Mommy is always on top of parenting trends, and its latest discovery is “sittervising.” The not-exactly-groundbreaking idea is for a parent to SIT while their kid plays, rather than feeling obligated to jump in and toss the …


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