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    Lenore Skenazy

    Lenore Skenazy is president of Let Grow, a contributing writer at Reason.com, and author of "Has the World Gone Skenazy?"

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  • Trying to Keep Horrible Crimes in Perspective

    Trying to Keep Horrible Crimes in Perspective2

    Stunned joy is what most of us felt when we learned that Charlotte Sena, the 9-year-old abducted while riding her bike in upstate New York, has been found and returned to her family — alive. The alleged perp has been seized, bringing the number of active Amber Alerts in the entire USA to… one: Keshawn

  • Should She Have Helicoptered?

    Should She Have Helicoptered?0

    On top of everything else that is vexing about parenting, there’s this: You will never know if you’re doing it “right.” That’s because… No. 1: What the heck IS “right”? No. 2: How can we know what effect we’ve had on our kids at all? (If you have more than one, you’ll notice they’re not

  • Kids Don’t Have To Be This Anxious

    Kids Don’t Have To Be This Anxious1

    What if one of the big reasons kids are so anxious is simply this: They’re micromanaged by adults? As you may have heard me say over and over (I’m getting to that age!), kids are micromanaged. Increasingly they’re in adult-run classes, clubs and sports. Or they’re inside on a screen, instead of climbing a tree

  • The Lawyer on the Playground

    The Lawyer on the Playground1

    “Welcome! Play Safe” reads the sign at a Fairfax County Public School playground in Virginia just outside of Washington D.C. It goes on to list a few simple rules — 21, by my count. First off, the playground should never be used when it’s frozen. Or wet. There can be no climbing on things like


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