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  • World Government Is Closer Than We Think

    World Government Is Closer Than We Think0

    The party line used to be there is no such thing as globalism – no one wants to eliminate nations and only conspiracy theorists believe in a New World Order, one-world government campaign going on. If you were to say you opposed globalism, the response would be “What size tin-foil hat do you wear?” That was then.

  • China’s Growing Influence on Campus

    China’s Growing Influence on Campus0

    The U.S. government has opened a multi-front assault on the Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration of American institutions. Chinese companies that don’t abide by American securities laws will be delisted from U.S. stock exchanges under an executive order signed by the president. Another order prohibits federal workers’ pension funds from being invested in Chinese-controlled companies. Yet

  • Doublethink in the Time of Societal Upheaval

    Doublethink in the Time of Societal Upheaval0

    In his classic essay “Politics and the English Language,” George Orwell describes how politicians hide their actions beneath generous helpings of words chosen to mislead. Today’s media-saturated environment has supersized the high-calorie, low-nutrition verbiage. The twin crises of the China virus and George Floyd unrest provide a virtual all-you-can-eat buffet. “Social Distancing” Why “social” distancing?

  • Common Sense on Communist China

    Common Sense on Communist China0

    President Trump repeatedly has called on companies to move their factories out of Communist China. He imposed tariffs after determining the Chinese government was illegally subsidizing the production of those goods. Companies responded by asking the president to lift the tariffs, parroting the Chinese Communist party line. Then the coronavirus came along and exposed the


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