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  • Are You a Servant of Tyranny or Liberty?

    Are You a Servant of Tyranny or Liberty?1

    In 1788, George Washington wrote letters to the Marquis de Lafayette during the process of ratifying the proposed Constitution by the states. Washington made clear to General Lafayette the essentials to prevent the new American republic from devolving into “despotic or oppressive form”: limited delegated powers to the government, checks and balances, and “virtue in the body

  • Why Hitler Loved ‘Social Justice’

    Why Hitler Loved ‘Social Justice’5

    In August 1920 in Munich, a young Adolf Hitler delivered one of his first public speeches before a crowd of some 2,000 people. During his speech, which lasted nearly two hours and was interrupted nearly 60 times by cheers, Hitler touched on a theme he’d repeat in future speeches, stating he did not believe that

  • ‘The Indian in the Cupboard’: Giving Kids Real Toys, Not Screens

    ‘The Indian in the Cupboard’: Giving Kids Real Toys, Not Screens1

    At a time when action figures and Barbie dollhouses have been replaced by phones, tablets, and computers, it has never been more difficult to fully experience childhood. I recently rewatched one of my favorite films growing up: The Indian in the Cupboard. And while I expected the film to retain its charm, it also made


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