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  • Can Technology Save the World?

    Can Technology Save the World?2

    “The high tide!” King Alfred cried.

    “The high tide and the turn!”

    G. K. Chesterton (The Ballad of the White Horse)

    Time and tide wait for no man. Only a fool believes that he can turn back time and only …

  • Charlie Brown’s Christmas Message to America

    Charlie Brown’s Christmas Message to America2

    Simple, timeless, and unpretentious, “A Charlie Brown Christmas Special” became a holiday tradition since its first airing on Dec. 9, 1965. Its beginnings were simple: a television producer approached cartoonist Charles Schulz with a general idea for an animated …

  • Rediscovering the Heart of Christmas

    Rediscovering the Heart of Christmas1

    The celebration of Christmas has become a mess.

    For decades, the Grinches among us have launched their attacks on religious holidays. In our schools, for instance, Christmas pageants, singing carols, and any reference to “Christmas break” have long become verboten—we …

  • The Culture War: Why the Right Must Fund Art

    The Culture War: Why the Right Must Fund Art1

    Elon Musk recently asked the internet what they thought of the culture war. One shrewd person suggested that the right needs to focus on funding artists, rather than just politicians.

  • Musings From the ‘Messiah’

    Musings From the ‘Messiah’1

    One of my favorite Christmas events is the performance of Handel’s “Messiah” at the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis. Although I almost wore out my cassette tape version of the “Messiah” listening to it in my teens, hearing it …

  • Whatever Happened to Saint Nicholas?

    Whatever Happened to Saint Nicholas?3

    How did a fourth-century, heretic-slapping bishop from Southern Turkey wind up being a fat, Coca-Cola-swigging American elf?

    Saint Nicholas was born into a wealthy Christian family in the third century. His parents died in a plague, and having inherited the …