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  • Opposing Andrew Tate for the Right Reasons

    Opposing Andrew Tate for the Right Reasons3

    Andrew Tate is a controversial figure. A former pro-kickboxer turned masculinity guru, he’s on record criticizing COVID hysteria, feminism, and open borders—all things the powers that be don’t want us thinking critically about. And with an audience in the millions

  • Our Culture Is Wrecking Our Country

    Our Culture Is Wrecking Our Country3

    America is racist. This lesson is drummed into us through our schools and the mainstream media.

    A century ago, much of the racism in America was aimed at blacks. Bigots condemned them as shiftless, lazy, and violent. These days, many …

  • What Happened to Our Curiosity?

    What Happened to Our Curiosity?5

    “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back.”

    As all ailurophiles know, cats are intensely inquisitive creatures, knocking over a glass of water as they explore a tabletop or checking out the backyard like a feline Sherlock Holmes.

    Humans …