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  • The Lasting Appeal of Batman

    The Lasting Appeal of Batman0

    I read somewhere that May 1st is unofficially Batman Day, because that was the cover date on the issue of the comic he first appeared in. But I’ve since seen March 30 and Sept 15 thrown around, so I have no idea. International days are like a secular version of the feast days held in

  • How Low-Energy Parents Can Get Their Children to Cooperate

    How Low-Energy Parents Can Get Their Children to Cooperate0

    These days I look at most things through the lens of temperament. I know people who run their own businesses, get up at four or five AM to go running or cycling, socialise broadly, and oversee their young children’s busy lives while even looking after other people’s children at the same time. These people are

  • Why You Should Watch ‘Cobra Kai’ Instead of ‘The Last Jedi’

    Why You Should Watch ‘Cobra Kai’ Instead of ‘The Last Jedi’0

    The latest instalment in the Star Wars franchise was a huge disappointment to die-hard fans. The movie’s sins are too numerous to recount here, but they amount to a complete abandonment of everything that made the original series a success in the first place. “Star Wars is dead; The Last Jedi killed it” is the

  • Pornography, Addiction, and Human Happiness

    Pornography, Addiction, and Human Happiness0

    Our modern use of the word addiction derives from “self-addict” which, despite sounding like a synonym for narcissist, really means “to devote or give up (oneself) to a habit or occupation.” Addict in turn comes from the Latin ad meaning “to” and dicere meaning “to say, declare; adjudge, allot”. These days we conceive of addiction


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