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    Paul Gottfried

    Paul Gottfried is editor in chief of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture. He is also the Raffensperger Professor of Humanities Emeritus at Elizabethtown College, where he taught for 25 years, a Guggenheim recipient, and a Yale Ph.D. He is the author of 14 books, most recently Antifascism: The Course of a Crusade and Revisions and Dissents.

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  • A Goodbye Kiss for Family Programming

    A Goodbye Kiss for Family Programming0

    Recently, Joseph Cotto and I discussed on our regular podcast the fate of the Hallmark Channel, which I have viewed periodically while moving with my remote button toward Turner Classic Movies. (On Turner I find old movies, popular during my youth, that have not yet been canceled.) What drew me, however briefly, to the Hallmark

  • Odd Bedfellows: Capitalists, Woke Zealots, and Street Gangs

    Odd Bedfellows: Capitalists, Woke Zealots, and Street Gangs0

    It seems that capitalists, woke zealots, and street gangs are joined at the hip right now. This idea is fleshed out by writer Michael Anton in an enlightening interview with IM 1776. Anton offers this chilling thought: Certain folks will howl at this, but if you listen to the woke left, they think it’s not

  • Telling the Truth About Stalin

    Telling the Truth About Stalin0

    In discussions of World War II, much emphasis and critical attention has been conferred on German forces and actions. What is often overlooked, however, are the Soviet deeds during the same time period.   Author Sean McMeekin, a historical studies professor at Bard College, seeks to slay this sacred cow of the historical profession and

  • Mark Levin’s Mistakes Hurt Conservatives

    Mark Levin’s Mistakes Hurt Conservatives0

    A devastating leftist critique of Mark Levin’s bestselling book American Marxism was posted by Zachary Petrizzo at Salon the other day. After reading Petrizzo’s remarks, I am left wondering about the colossal foolishness of Levin, who set out to write a book—which his celebrity would push to the top of the New York Times best seller


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