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  • The Founding Fathers on Education—and Education Today

    The Founding Fathers on Education—and Education Today0

    I was recently looking through Intellectual Takeout’s archives and once again stumbled upon Annie Holmquist’s article “Middle School Reading Lists 100 Years Ago vs. Today.” Annie’s comparison of how reading lists have changed reveals how students today aren’t held to as high of standards as students 100 years ago, and Annie’s commentary got me curious

  • Virtual Church, Virtual Connection

    Virtual Church, Virtual Connection0

    When the COVID-19 mania spiraled into lockdowns, many of us turned to virtual substitutes for key parts of our lives—work, school, socializing, and even religion. In many cases, we’ve returned to the real world, or we at least are no longer mandated to use the virtual option. But when it comes to choosing whether to


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