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  • When Did the Left Become Anti-Health?

    When Did the Left Become Anti-Health?2

    For my entire childhood, my mother made sure our family had home-cooked meals. She investigated what was healthy, and the food on the table reflected her knowledge of what was best for our family. She also encouraged all of us

  • 4 Traditional Skills for Young Women

    4 Traditional Skills for Young Women2

    As a young woman in today’s world, I’ve seen how modern conveniences have chipped away at the skills so many used to pride themselves on. I greatly admire the men and women, particularly those among the younger generations, who have

  • Is the American Dream Dead?

    Is the American Dream Dead?4

    A white picket fence, 2.5 kids, weekend barbeques—this vision was once ingrained in the American psyche. The American Dream imagined this way was portrayed across media and permeated American culture. Today, America feels like a different place. The claim that …

  • Restoring the Art of Communication

    Restoring the Art of Communication2

    Recently, clips from the Whatever podcast have been making the rounds on the internet. This podcast has gotten a lot of attention for its discussion of the modern dating world. However, one clip in particular caught the public eye not …