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  • A Gun Control Lesson From Australia’s Cat Genocide

    A Gun Control Lesson From Australia’s Cat Genocide0

    As America reels from another string of mass shootings, first in El Paso, then in Dayton, Ohio, the debate over gun control is heating up again. Any rational observer realizes that there is something deeply flawed with how we traditionally talk about guns in America. I wonder if we would be better off if we

  • Hacking Homo Sapiens

    Hacking Homo Sapiens0

    “Live your best life” is one of those sayings that people like to pass around like a verbal head cold. No one is sure who started it, but they’re all too eager to pass the phrase on anyway. What’s never addressed is what “your best life” looks like. Never fear, Elon Musk is here. He

  • The Secret Lives of Robopets

    The Secret Lives of Robopets0

    There has been a great disturbance in the force, like a million chirpy robot voices crying out for owners. In every day terms, we are facing what Wired terms “the second coming of robot pets.” This surge in companion robots is exemplified in a cutesy little bot called Kiki, whose appeal (beyond being utterly adorable)

  • You Are Who You Eat With

    You Are Who You Eat With0

    Why do we make food? The obvious answer is so we can have food fights. Joking aside, when I reflect on my experience with the culinary arts – whether carefully crafting Buche de Noel for Christmas or whiling away a summer afternoon making flakey scones – food is ultimately about people and community. Yet it


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