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    Christopher Roach

    Christopher Roach is an adjunct fellow of the Center for American Greatness and an attorney in private practice based in Florida. He has written for The Federalist, Takimag, and the Orlando Sentinel.

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  • The ‘Fun Police’ State

    The ‘Fun Police’ State0

    Once upon a time, America’s unofficial motto was: “It’s a free county.” Americans largely agreed that all could and should do what they wanted, assuming they weren’t hurting anyone else. You like vacations, someone else likes being a homebody. You like rock, he likes rap, and she likes country. If you wanted to smoke, ride

  • Trump Is Failing to Protect America’s Heritage

    Trump Is Failing to Protect America’s Heritage0

    The last few weeks have seen a nonstop explosion of disorder, violence, and hostility to America and its history. The message is plain: the old America was bad to its core, worthy of no respect, and therefore its heroes, history, and heritage must be paved over to make way for a new order. President Trump

  • Unmasking Marble and Bronze

    Unmasking Marble and Bronze0

    Protests and looting were supplanted last week by an orgy of more symbolic destruction. Statues of various figures from our civilization’s past – Christopher Columbus, a Texas Ranger, numerous confederate Civil War memorials, and even Philadelphia’s Frank Rizzo – have been toppled, defaced, or scheduled for removal by compliant officials. In the same spirit, a

  • We Were Never Asked to Approve the Shutdown

    We Were Never Asked to Approve the Shutdown0

    Police officers dealing with the public have a fairly savvy approach to persuasion: first ask, then tell, then force. It works because it accounts for the dignity and self-respect of others. Uncertain rookie cops and bullies are the ones who forget to ask, adding unnecessary friction to encounters between citizens and the state. In the


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