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  • Should Women Take Their Husband’s Last Name?

    Should Women Take Their Husband’s Last Name?0

    When it comes to gender norms in America, the times they are a changin’. One of the signs of this is the decline in the number of women changing their names after marriage. Recent surveys suggest that thirty percent of married American women either combine their names with their husbands’ names, or never change their

  • Latest Millennial Dream Job? Farming

    Latest Millennial Dream Job? Farming2

    On Thanksgiving Day, while America ate its biggest, most famous meal of the year, The Washington Post wrote about something for which everyone ought to be thankful: more millennials are taking up farming. That’s right: For the first time in a long time, a growing number of young Americans are ditching cities and desk jobs

  • Going Topless is ‘Empowering’?

    Going Topless is ‘Empowering’?0

    A federal court this week ruled that women’s boobs are not free speech. The ruling is important because breasts have become a form of expression and revealing them a bit of a trend. Scout Willis strolled topless around New York City and Kendall Jenner posed topless in Interview magazine. In France, a topless woman made

  • Organizing a “SlutWalk” Doesn’t Mean You’re Empowered

    Organizing a “SlutWalk” Doesn’t Mean You’re Empowered0

    Ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars—Amber Rose just announced she’ll be organizing yet another “SlutWalk” this fall in downtown Los Angeles. Not familiar with Amber Rose? She’s a stripper turned dancer-model-actress who was propelled to mainstream celebrity status thanks mainly to her prior disastrous relationships with Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa. Not sure what a


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