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  • Robert Nisbet’s Ten Conditions of Revolution

    Robert Nisbet’s Ten Conditions of Revolution0

    One of the twentieth century’s most astute observers of society, sociologist, historian, and man of letters, Professor Robert Nisbet (1913-1996), offered ten conditions of revolution. By this, he meant not what we want to label revolution (which is cheap and easy to do), but what really constitutes revolution. He wrote these after years of observing,

  • The Revival of Socialism

    The Revival of Socialism0

    I am fiercely proud of the fact that I was raised in an anti-communist household in central Kansas in the 1970s and 1980s. Whatever faults my family had (and they were many), my mother made sure that I knew that socialism and fascism were flip sides of the same coin, that Hitler and Stalin had

  • The Horrors of Modern Public Opinion

    The Horrors of Modern Public Opinion0

    In a previous essay at The Imaginative Conservative, I looked at Christopher Dawson’s critical fear that the United States and the United Kingdom had become fascistic in their respective quests to fight fascism. Dawson, of course, was not alone in expressing such a belief. C.S. Lewis had claimed the same in his profound essay, Abolition of Man (1943), and his

  • The Roots of Political Correctness

    The Roots of Political Correctness0

    Over the last thirty years, political correctness has metastasized. Today, so many politically-correct assumptions have become mainstream that, as Tocqueville once predicted, they have narrowed our questions and our ability to question, rather than actually tell us the exact answers to things. Over the last decade, it has become normal for students, professors, and the


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