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  • The Other Half of the Jacob Blake Conversation

    The Other Half of the Jacob Blake Conversation0

    It’s time to talk about Jacob Blake and policing reform. No, I mean the other half of that conversation. The part where we ask what Jacob Blake did wrong and why it matters. We cannot have meaningful policing reform if we pretend that law enforcement officers do not see our actions as civilians from a

  • The Unacceptably Unjust Death of George Floyd

    The Unacceptably Unjust Death of George Floyd0

    The tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer has circulated all over social media in the past two days. It is exceptionally difficult to watch. The facts leading up to what the video captures have been recounted by numerous media outlets. Minneapolis police officers arrived Monday evening to arrest

  • Don’t Gaslight Us on #BelieveWomen

    Don’t Gaslight Us on #BelieveWomen0

    Many of us were startled to open The New York Times last week and find ourselves accused of hijacking and weaponizing the phrase “believe all women.” According to journalist Susan Faludi, the phrase always has been “believe women,” and never has been associated with a demand for automatic and unquestioned belief that those who allege

  • Debunking the Myth of ‘Concealed-Carry Killers’

    Debunking the Myth of ‘Concealed-Carry Killers’0

    The Violence Policy Center – a gun control advocacy group – released a study last month it wrongly claims shows that “too many concealed-carry permit holders are a direct threat to public safety.”  That claim rests on an analysis of a database documenting “non-self-defense incidents,” which the organization says proves that “allowing random people to carry guns endangers public safety.” On


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